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Waterproofing Delivers Reliable Protection.

TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System and WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® products feature a polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane. This flexible membrane is spray-applied to provide a minimum 40 mils of protection when cured. (Which is at least four times thicker than typical dampproofing.)

Because of its spray application and elasticity, the waterproofing membrane seamlessly spans foundation settling cracks - now, and in the years ahead. The membrane also remains elastic at low temperatures for reliable performance, season after season. No wonder our waterproofing products seal out water penetration, even from water under hydrostatic pressure. That's why we offer such strong transferable performance warranties that dampproofing simply can't provide.

With its quality foundation board, TUFF-N-DRI adds further advantages that dampproofing can't match. The foundation board protects the waterproofing membrane, assists drainage, insulates basement walls against energy loss and reduces interior condensation.

Waterproofing vs. Dampproofing Comparison

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